Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WTF Wednesday

Tofutti Cream Cheese on a toasted Garlic Bagel for breakfast. My schmearing technique is improving...
Salad from Wegman's Salad Bar with Fresh Gourmet Croutons and Goddess Dressing for lunch...
A 'Bangkok Thai Burrito' Peanut Sauce, Tofu, Asian Slaw, Brown Rice and Cucumbers from Boloco for dinner...

A Sugar Cookie from Roots for dessert.
Pretty good food day. The highlight was the Bagel and Cream Cheese.


Anonymous said...

I love garlic bagels. Gotta try one with some cream cheese sometime!

That burrito sounds like something I'd really enjoy. Thai anything is good, IMO.

Very pretty cookie! Oh, and I'm glad to know that Rowan isn't the only pup who loves to roll around in dried worms. So gross!

Ingrid said...

I don't know why savory bagels and Tofutti are so satisfying, but they are. However, your sugar cookie looks pretty great, too. Lovely salad! One day, I will visit a Wegman's.

Hannah said...


Anonymous said...

Your food today looks so delicious!

I have been craving a bagel with cream cheese all day but I haven't been able to get any so I am living through your meals today!

The burrito looks so yummy and the cookie looks tasty and light!

xvavaveganx said...

Your schmearing technique is definitely top notch! Expert status. Garlic bagels are so good... especially with cream cheese!

The salad looks really bright a fresh. Very good looking salad. The burrito sounds so interesting! How was it? Would you get it again? Cute cookie!

Greg said...

I approve of the bagel. TJ cream cheeze is one of the foods I put back on the shelf the other day and now regret it.
Interesting burrito. Why does it look like it has ham in it?
-(maud not greg)

Unknown said...

The bagel looks like the work of a pro! Looks like a generous garlic action on it too.
What a great combo for the burrito- peanut sauce makes everything better. Cucumbers in the burrito is kind of brilliant, first time i have heard of it tho.
Chennai garden here in nyc is an awesome indian veg restaurant as long as you have advice for how to order to avoid the insane spicy stuff and dishes with ghee (aka all the desserts)
Your cookie looks like a spring snowflake!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, if it's too odd to do the Cream Cheese thing, no pressure to conform from me on this one. It's a bummer when the earth worms meet their demise on the driveway, but the pups love it.

Ingrid, when you next visit Grandma, you can go to the Wegman's in Fairfax. In addition Loving Hut, Clare & Don's, My Organic Market and Natalia's Elegant Creations. You will have a delicious visit.

Hannah, I only bought the Cookies cuz of the sparkles. Would never had bought just plain Iced Sugar Cookies.

1eded7a4-91c0-11e2-bd5a-000bcdca4d7a, thanks so much! For many years, the food on this blog looked quite repulsive. Not so much lately I'm happy to say.

VaVa, the Salad did look bright and fresh. I think I might get that Burrito again to go for later, but the Tofu & Guac Burritos will be my primary choice.

Greg, I initially thought there was meat in the Burrito as well. Turned out to be some of the 'Asian Slaw'. So, it was Pink Cabbage.

Unknown, you are too kind. Who knew it was so hard to authentically schmear Cream Cheese on a Bagel? Thanks for the Indian restaurant rec. If we ever get back to NYC, I'm definitely doing Candle Cafe and Blossom as well as finding vegan Cream Cheese on a Bagel and Vegan Pizza. If there is anytime left for Indian, I will remember Chennai Garden.

GlutenFreeHappyTummy said...

Hey Shen!! Sorry I've been so absent! Glad to see things are well with you....loving that salad! it's so vibrant and fantastic! and what i wouldn't give for that cookie! yummmm!! have a great night!

sara said...

your posts always make me crave bagels! i tried them with cucumber slices. now i will have to try with vegan cream cheese. yum!