Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday, April 21st

Breakfast was at Mellow Moods in Shepherdstown. I originally ordered a Vegan Burrito, but while I was waiting (and waiting, hey, it's mellow) for it, I grew concerned that it wouldn't be tasty or filling.
So I then ordered a Hummus on a Toasted Everything Bagel. All the food arrived at once. Turned out the Vegan Burrito was more than enough in terms of taste and portion. Mr. SVegetarian ate half the Burrito to help me out. 
Boca Chikn Patties and Roasted Zucchini for dinner.
A third of a piece of Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake from Dawson's Market for dessert.
It was a really big piece. Really awesome too.
This morning while pulling out of the driveway en route to breakfast, Mr. SVegetarian told me to keep an eye out for Morels. Lo and behold! I instantly saw this one by the side of the driveway!
Usually, Mr. SVegetarian has the keen eye for the Morels, so I was excited to spot one myself.
After breakfast, I brought Poley out to help me hunt for more shrooms. It was to no avail, so we left the one I found in the morning unpicked in hopes that it will continue to grow and more Morels will pop up over night.
WFH Grub tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Exciting about the mushroom! I don't think I've ever seen morels grow around here, but I would love to find some. Hopefully more grow by you.

That cheesecake looks pretty amazing. I'm a big fan of raspberry anything.

Have you ever heard of the Vegan Yacht in Austin? It's a vegan food truck in an Airstream! We must get there someday, preferably with our Airstream in tow. :)

Hannah said...

Oh. Whoops. I thought the morel was a gopher of some sort popping up to say hello.

GlutenFreeHappyTummy said...

how awesome that you have morels growing in your yard! lucky you! and that cheesecake looks!

xvavaveganx said...

Ahhh Poley the Morel hunter!! SO freaking cute!! How cool to spot the mushrooms!!

Great looking brunch! The burrito looks yummy! That must have been a really giant piece of cheesecake! Looks really great, love that there weren't a ton of ingredients in there too!

Ingrid said...

So kind of the mister to help. ;) What was in the burrito? Hummus on bagels is almost as good as Tofutti, IMO. Ha!

I can't believe we're a week and a half away from May. Glad to see Spring in full force in your yard!

Unknown said...

Very clever to have a plan B for brunch- the burrito look like its full of goodies! I think all breakfast burritos need ketchup though.
That must have been a serious slice of dessert, great deal if you get three servings from it- looks nice and chocolatey.
I am jealous of the fancy mushrooms in your yard! I think a day or two after rain is the best time to find them? Morels seem to get super dirty somehow.
I have been to the Cinnamon Snail- the snail was worth hunting down the truck for sure. Another time i had the portabello carpaccio which was great but they were out of the snails, had a great raw something chocolatey that time.

blessedmama said...

I noticed the new name for Mr. SV. Is this a new development?

Mary said...

I'm not a big raspberry fan but somehow that cake still looks really good! I've never heard of morels before, pretty cool.

foodfeud said...

You should get a pig to help you snuff for mushrooms! Then we could have pig pics too!
Roasted zucchini instead of broccoli and morels sprouting, it really must be spring.

Anonymous said...

Can never go wrong with a bagel and hummus... but the burrito looked good!

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, you would make a fantastic Mycologist! You have a month to prepare!
Visiting Austin to stuff my face is a dream of mine.

Hannah, glad you aren't seeing anything else in that mushroom image;-)

GFHTummy, thanks! When are you going to post again????? Post dammit!

VaVa, the Cheesecake did seem like I could possibly make it myself based on the ingredient list. It is so great.

Ingrid, I couldn't tell for sure what was in the Vegan Burrito. Mr. SV detected Potatoes. I'll get it again and really examine it.

Unknown, they had Siracha sauce, but I didn't see any Ketchup at the Mellow Mushroom. Next time I will make more educated choices. Once we pick the Morel(s), they are supposed to soak overnight to shake loose the dirt etc. So cool that you've done the Cinnamon Snail as well.

Blessed Mama, readers were recently surprised when they saw that one of Mr. SV's meals had dairy. So I'm trying not to mislead anyone. He is legally my husband, however.

Mary, the Raspberry flavor was only in the little decoration on top.

FF, a lot of folks have issues with their furry mushroom hunters eating the mushrooms when they find them. But I definitely do want a Pig. And a Goat. And a Monkey.

1eded7a4-91c0-11e2-bd5a-000bcdca4d7a, Bagel & Hummus is a great universal back-up meal.

Hannah said...