Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WTF Wednesday

Turns out, it was so sweltering in the house yesterday cuz the AC was broken. Windows are now open, but no oven allowed till Friday when the repairman comes. More sweltering than ever now. Kashi Stawberry Fields with Flaxseed Milk for breakfast. Pre milk:

Post milk:
Assorted Vegetables, Beans and Lo Mein off the Hot Bar from Wegman's for lunch.
It may feel like summer, but dinner was all spring.
Another Chocolate Chip Cookie from Roots for dessert.
Buttercup snuck out of the barn this morning and wanted to play with the Squirrels. Don't worry, she is not a huntress. I'm a Squirrel and Bird lover,  and she is as well. The Squirrels are more afraid of me than of her.
More WFH tomorrow.


Hannah said...

I have to pretend I didn't read your intro. We've got bloody snow again tomorrow. I first saw snow here in Canada on October 31st. I CAN'T ANYMORE.

Ingrid said...

AC use in April has never happened in my house. At least you have beautiful flowers and lawn to show for it!

Buttercup and squirrel are having a long distance staring contest, no?

Hooray for artichokes! I've been eyeing them recently, hopefully they'll look better in the market soon.

xvavaveganx said...

Unlike the two lovely ladies above, I know exactly what you mean. It went from unbearably cold to unbearably hot at work within a day. i've walked in and it's 55 degrees during the winter and it got up to 86 in there!! It's insane!

Your meals look really delicious. That lunch looks amazing, I like the veggie/lo mein combo. I've never had lo mein in my WFs, wah :( Not that I can eat it I suppose. Yay for artichokes!! Are you dipping in what I think you're dipping in?

foodfeud said...

Wow. I am really happy it is not that hot yet here. Did you get any rain? That cooled us off.
I could comment on yr food now, but I think I'll leave it with us just chatting like the old folks we are at heart.

Unknown said...

Love the magical cereal berries pics! Nyc also had a crazy temperature spike- yet the heat was still on in my office! We were all melting....
Lunch looks like a great combo with a nice veggie mix- any of those "baby corn" in there?
The artichoke is my favorite veg ever- a good dip is critical. Tofutti sour cream with basalmic is a favorite.
Hope the heat passes! So cute that the kitty wants to go play- what are the squirrels up to that could be so much fun??

Anonymous said...

Aw, Buttercup. What a little lover!

The strawberries totally look fresh in the second picture. So weird! A nice weird, though.

I hope you cool off soon. If not, feel free to come visit me. :)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Hannah, snow sounds so great. I've been sweating profusely all day. Even seconds after stepping out of the shower.

Ingrid, I'm glad you were able to tell from the kitty photo that it was a staring contest going on. It went on for a long time while the Squirrel was chowing down on Sunflower Seeds in the yard. So cute.

VaVa, thank you for confirming the climate situation. It's been unbearable. The Artichoke dip is Vegenaisse & Balsamic Vinegar. Great combo.

FF, we didn't get any rain. Where did you get rain from? It rained in QUEENS and no where else on the east coast?

Unknown, are we having a 'Jedi Mind Meld'? I totally had some Baby Corn. The Artichoke dip was Vegenaisse and Balsamic Vinegar. Never heard the Tofutti Sour Cream rec. Next Artichoke I'll try that...Squirrels are lunatics.

Molly, thanks! Buttercup is a tiny little flower. So dainty.