Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Knossos, Berryville

A significant percentage of hits on this blog are from people searching for Knossos in Berryville.
So in their honor, I stopped by Knossos today to try their new menu item: The Veggie Burger!
Not only is it a great bargain at $2.25, but they successfully managed to leave off any possible trace of dairy product. I don't know how vegan safe the Fried Zucchini is, but I will definitely be returning regularly for this burger. I am pretty sure it is the Boca Burger they sell at Costco, but food tastes better when it's cooked by someone else and the service was super friendly today. (No Ipsy Pipsy bars today tho).
Dinner was Green Curry Tofu Scramble.

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Bianca said...

Damn, I hope that zucchini is vegan cause it looks soooo good! Love fried zucchini! And you're so right about food tasting better when cooked by someone else.