Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday, May 23rd

Breakfast was a success....
Every Saturday, Mr. SVegetarian goes to Loving Hut to pick up the majority of his meals for the week (mostly Pho). Now that Sarah got me into Wonton Soup, I also get one of those for myself. The now recognizable to me Wontons are pictured on top. Tonight, I ate that Jalapeno slice and it was a big mistake I wont make again....
An Ocho Coconut Bar for dessert. Excellent!
TFK again tomorrow? Dunno. Bye for now.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous TLT as always. Does the Mr eat pho all summer too? I can't imagine why eating a chunk of jalapeno would ever sound like a good idea...! Yikes.
Nice find with the dessert- was it like a mounds bar? I remember those fondly.

Yes it was a good day for biking today, looks even better for the rest of the weekend! I was all excited for summer and bought watermelon but its not very good. I'll just use it for juice with some greens and basil.

vegan power said...

The TLT made my mouth water as usual! I have got to try wonton soup with noodles! The candy bar looks like a vegan mounds bar!

Sarah said...

Yes!!!!!!! The sandwich looks better and better every time you post it! Looks like total perfection :) the soup looks great and the wontons definitely look like wontons. Still so different from the soup in Orlando though! The chocolate looks like a perfect end to the day.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Unknown, yes, the Mr. eats Pho all summer. it is a ton of liquid, so it is good for hydration i suppose. The Ocho Coconut Bar is like a Mounds, definitely gotta get more. I am seeing Watermelons for sale all over, but I know it is too soon. Same for Corn and Tomatoes. Gotta be patient. Enjoy your pedaling!

VP, the Ocho Bar is like a Mounds, but not as sweet/trashy tasting. Fresher. Highly recommend!

Sarah, wish I could find a local vegan Wonton Soup like the one you had in Orlando. That really looked great.