Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday, May 22nd

Oh hey look! It's my wide open purse while I waited in my car for my doctor's appointment this morning. I took the Nakd Banana Cunch Bar just in case, and it turned out really well cuz I did actually get a hunger pain and the Nakd Crunch Bar came to the delicious rescue!
after my appointment, I hightailed it to the WF's Salad Bar and tried to make a Salad that tasted like it was made by a stranger, but, it still tasted like something I would make. Pic taken before I added the Balsamic Vinagrette...
WF's Vegan Ravioli with Wegmans Mushroom Pasta Sauce was a most pleasing dinner...
Randy Radish Mexican Wedding Cookies for dessert. Gotta get more of these.
TFK on the agenda for tomorrow. Bye for now.


Unknown said...

Brilliant idea bringing a snack in your bag. (I always thought west coast = purse and east coast = handbag so your "purse" threw me off guard...)
WF salad looks good! I think salads other people make for you are better because they're tossed well and have a touch of salt. I still like those chopped salad places more than i like to admit.
Hope the Dr gave you a high five and a gold star today :)

vegan power said...

The Whole Foods ravioli looks a lot fluffier than Rising Sun's vegan ravioli. I like salads made by other people too sometimes, that cracked me up! Hope your health is well.

foodfeud said...

Oh yea those bars can be lifesavers. Usually I just snack on them unnecessarily though so I admire yr proper usage.
The salad looks good. Sunflower seeds and shiitakes are both a little out of the ordinary for you, no? Not sure if I enjoy hearts of palm though. They confuse me.

Ingrid said...

Cute purse! I think your salad looks great!! I love those types of cookies. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Unknown, I felt weird typing 'purse' but 'hand bag' doesnt seem right either. Too bad the lines at the Salad Making Shops are so damn long, otherwise I woukd patronize them more frequently. I told the nurse practitioner I felt fine and was sent on my way. Just a way to get $ from the insurance companies, Assume you Citibiked all day.You couldnt ask for more perfect weather.

VP, i forgot about Rising Sun's Ravioli. guess i have been so pre-occupied with the other two fresh local brands (La Pasta and WF's). Rising Sun was good, as I recall but no where near as great as WF's.

FF, the Shitakes and Sunflower Seeds were a little different, but the rest of the Salad was the same old Spinach, Cabbage, Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Artichokes and Hearts of Palm. Trust me, you enjoy Hearts of Palm. No need to be confused.

Ingrid, so far it has been a good first day. Had Mr. SV haul in a ton of kitty litter and birdseed for me since i am not supposed to lift anything super heavy, so that was an accomplishment for day one. Tomorrow i will hit up Trader Joes for more Tiki Masala and Orange Morsels.