Monday, May 23, 2011

Old Stalwarts

'Lotus Spicy' with Brown Rice from Lotus Vegetarian $7.95 Diced Soy Protein sautéed with Dried Tofu, Celery, Organic Carrots, Green and Red Bell Peppers, sprinkled with Peanuts in Spicy Kung Pao Sauce, Spring Roll on the side.
It's been three whole days since I've had Boca Chick'n Patties and Side Salad for dinner, so I felt overdue.
A Magical Coconut Cookie Bar for dessert. This corner piece happened to have extra Chocolate Chips and Graham Cracker Crumbs. Pleasure receptors were activated.
Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot.


Vegan Flower said...

Every time you post about the magical bars, I tell myself "I must make them!". I have yet to make them.... for fear that I'll eat the entire pan in just a few days.

The lotus spicy dish looks really good, especially with the spicy sauce. I adore spicy foods.

xvavaveganx said...

I'm jealous of your lunch! Your stir fry > my stir fry lol! I like spicy sauce too and it looks so good!!

Health Seeker's Kitchen said...

The 'Lotus Spicy' with Brown Rice from Lotus Vegetrian is looking so good to me right now. YUMMY!! I wish we had this restaurant here.

foodfeud said...

Corner pieces catch a lot of flak but I think they're the best.

Rose said...

I'm all over that Lotus Spicy dish! I think the chik'n patties would go well with a bit of side salad.

Michelle said...

Oh...that Lotus Spicy dish looks so good!
We pretty much had the same supper last night, except my chick'n patties lacked the marinara sauce this time. Oh, I also had a little side of asparagus. :)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Thanks, Internet Buds!

VF, you really should make the Magical Bars. They're not that difficult and I'm sure your hubby will eat the entire pan before you can.

VaVa & Deb, the Lotus Spicy was pretty darn good. Not the best, mind you, but very good.

FF, agreed. A seemingly tough corner piece can be an immense pleasure at times.

Rose, thanks! I never thought I'd be a side salad person. Growth/Veganism. Must ponder.

Michelle2, you are well on your way to becoming Michelle1! Especially since Michelle1 seems to have fallen off the radar and you're cooking up vegan food like gangbusters!