Sunday, April 19, 2009


We found these beautiful mushrooms right in our front yard just this afternooon. They're currently soaking in lightly salted water, I hope to cook them tomorrow night.

And this is my supermarket saladbar salad from today. Topped with Fresh Gourmet Organic Croutons and doused in Goddess Dressing.


nora said...

yeah, you're not exaggerating when you say doused! mmmmmm

vegans have morels and morals!

Bianca said...

Lucky! I wish I had morels in my front yard. I've never tried them because they're super expensive at Whole Foods, but I hear they're delectable.

Vegan Planet said...

It's amazing that you have those wonderful mushrooms growing in your yard -- I didn't realize morels grew wild in these parts (I live in Shenandoah County, VA, too.) I also appreciate knowing about all the vegan food you've discovered in area restaurants -- I'll be sure to visit some of them!

|IV|KingofDiamonds said...

You should leave the root of the mushroom in the ground when you pick them. Also blow on them before you bag them to help spread the spores before you bring them in. I just got back from southern Ohio mushroom hunting and the wife and I may go to Shenandoah this weekend. Does anyone have any tips on where we might find some morels? if you know where we might look. THANKS!