Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Time Is It?????

Lunch was a head of Romaine Lettuce with TJ's Chickenless Chicken, Fresh Gourmet Croutons and Goddess Dressing.
For dinner I used the leftovers from Friday's Mushroom Ragout to put on Eggless Egg Noodles and make Stroganoff. Roasted Asparagus on the side.
A heaping tablespoon of Chocolate Peanut Butter for dessert. I am so 2009!
Will Whole Foods have the Seitan Panini tomorrow? Yes, please!!!!


dirtyduck said...

Eggless Egg Noodles , huh you sure find a lot of cool stuff. is that mock chicken seiten or tvp or?? looks good either way...looks real

Rose said...

Yum that stroganoff looks good!

I was totally confused about the time today too.

I hope you can have a panini tomorrow.

blessedmama said...

Where do you find eggless egg noodles?

Vegan In The VI said...

Hello, Ladies! I see eggless egg noodles all the time! They're very common. They're right next to the regular egg noodles in the store

blessedmama said...

Thanks, I'll keep my eyes out for them.

kimberly said...

i've never had chocolate pb...looks yummmmyyy! i have been missing out on a lot of awesome things in life. i hope to change that sooon.