Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vespucci, Fairfax

The restaurant highlighted on VegDC this month is Vespucci. Today we ventured out with very high expectations in $upport.
The building was formerly a Chinese restaurant for many years. I was surprised to see it was now Vespucci.
The $20 AYCE buffet includes one glass of Champagne as well as Tofu Scramble:Buckwheat/Whole Wheat Pancakes:Vegetable Soup, Salad:Spinach, Eggplant..
Bolani (Triangle shaped crepes filled with mashed Potatoes),Veggie Spring Rolls:Store bought French Rolls, Raw "Spaghetti"/Squash with Raw Tomato Sauce, a dip composed of Sun-dried Tomatoes, Olives, Basil, Parsley and Tofu and Quinoa Salad...Fresh fruit and sweet Rice for dessert.
I had one Pancake along with some Tofu Scramble..
..some raw Spaghetti, Quinoa Salad, Spinach and a Bolani..
...Sun-dried Tomato dip on a French Roll with a few more Bolani......and a cup of Vegetable Soup.They've only been offering the vegan buffet for a month and are still working out the amount/type of food offered. My personal opinion is that $20/pp is way over-priced for what was served today. None of the food was exceptional or unusual (unless you consider the raw spaghetti unusual) or even organic that I could determine. Why offer Tofu Scramble (Soy) and French Rolls (white flour) but no Veggie Sausages, Grits, Oatmeal, Hash Browns etc? I'd choose the salad bar/hot bar at Whole Foods over this any day.


Jose said...

Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on local vegan places for the upcoming Powershift conference at GMU. Can I email you? Thanks. - Jose g.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Jose, your best bet is to go north on 123 to Sunflower. It is the best in Northern Virginia. If you need groceries, proceed past Sunflower to Whole Foods on the right. If you need more info, leave me your email address. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.