Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Meal Pics

Last weekend we were in NYC. The best vegan cuisine I ever had in my life was from Wild Ginger, however, I gobbled it (Black Pepper Seitan) down before taking any pics. Another meal was at Sacred Chow: I had the $10 Soy Meatball Hero with a topping of 'Oat Cheese'. The Slaw and Pickles on the side were too spicy to eat.
It was just so-so. I would not go back.
Below is my dinner from Friday night:
Carry-out from Yuan Fu Vegetarian Restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. They have a daily $6 buffet where you can pick three items (eat-in or to-go) plus Rice. I couldn't make up my mind, so I picked one order of the Vegetable Roll (diced Vegetables rolled-up in Tofu Skin) and two orders of the Curried Potatoes and Meatballs. An incredible value and very tasty!Finally, today's lunch of Falafel from The Mediterranean Cafe in Charles Town, WV. I was so happy to see they were doing lots of business, this place is a real treasure amongst all the chains.

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nora said...

Oat cheese? Cool!