Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Old South Mountain Inn, Boonsboro, Maryland

Today's lunch was at this historic inn. A great
place for weddings, parties or just a parking
lot for hikers of the Appalachian Trail.

They have both the open and airy sun room
to dine in as well as lots of dark cozy tables
in the old house.

The salad that comes with every meal was
easy to veganize.

Replaced the house dressing with oil & vinegar.
The on-line menu was different than the menu
we were handed in the restaurant, i.e., no
vegetarian items.

Fortunately, the chef was able to make me a
dish of Fettucini with mixed vegetables and
olive oil. The restaurant is very popular and
Mr. SV wants to return, so I'm sure that we

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