Sunday, March 22, 2009

Colcannon Puffs

When I saw this recipe I couldn't wait to make it.

I missed St. Patrick's Day by about a week, but
here is the pureed Kale going into the Mashed
I could only fit fifteen 'Puffs' on the tray at a
time and made a total of 25.
I thought the Puffs would pair well with some Trader
Joe's Chicken-Less Pulled Chicken. A few bloggers
have ragged on this product, but I love it. Although,
their opinion did give me pause, so I tried a few
drops of hot sauce on the 'chicken' and it did taste
even better. Susan's Puffs are fantastic. I will definitely
make them again.

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Bianca said...

I wanted to make those puffs for St. Patty's Day, but I ended up making Susan's corned beef and cabbage. It was good too. Susan is amazing!