Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fosters Grille, Winchester

We had a two-for-one coupon, so we tried this
place today.

The veggie burgers are deep-fried. Perhaps
they're so rarely ordered, they keep them
frozen. I can't decide if deep-fried is better
than cooked on the grill with the meat.
Regardless, due to the excess oil involved in the
whole meal, we dont plan on returning.


krisc said...

Good Morning,

My name is Kris Clarke (GM for Foster's Grille in Winchester). After reading your post, I do have to say that I'am sorry you had such a bad experience here. We have recently changed our procedure for cooking the Garden Burgers and re-trained my staff on our draining our french fries before serving. Again I just wanted to ensure you that I take every comment seriously and would like for you to try us out again. Thank you have a great day.

Garter said...

Are your fries vegan? Do you have anything vegan?