Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vegan Suet

When the weather gets frosty, I keep these
treats out for the birds, squirrels and

I combine inexpensive peanut butter with
corn meal (some people include flour).
Mix it into a putty-like consistency.
and create these patties that fit in standard
suet feeders. I store them in the fridge.
It may take a few days to get noticed, but once
it does, the birds -- woodpeckers, nuthatches,
tufted titmice and, unfortunately, starlings --
will come. Often, a squirrel will manage to
open the holder and just take off with the
whole patty. I take that as a compliment.
(Try to avoid putting them out before a


Bianca said...

Oh neat! I'll have to try that now that I have my own yard. I don't see many birds in my yard, but maybe this will help attract them.

admin said...

Thanks for this recipe. A lot of other recipes online use vegetable shortening, and I don't think there have been studies about it, but I don't want to feed hydrogenated oils to the birds in my yard anymore than I want to eat them myself! I might try pressing the patties in mixed birdseed for an added treat.