Monday, June 15, 2009

Forced Adventure

I've been mainly having Chipotle for lunch (no more Perfect Pita for me since the alert that the Hummus contains feta. Why????!) and Boca Burgers for dinner the past few weeks, but I thought I had to post something different on the blog.

I took the risk of ordering a new menu item from Sunflower: "Adventure of Tempeh Land" (Organic Five-Grain Tempeh sauteed with Red Bell Pepper, Snow Peas, Asparagus, Baby Corn and White Mushrooms in a Thai Style Curry Sauce). I really wanted Chipotle today, and this dish looked terrible, I was bumming big time before I tasted it. ....It was fantastic! Can't wait to get it again! (Still having Boca Burgers for dinner though)

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Bianca said...

God, I wish we had Chipotle here! And don't you hate it when you learn something that you thought was vegan (and should be hummus) is not. That's the worst bummer ever.

I just had that experience with a local bakery that told me their cinnamon rolls were vegan...then I saw some for sale at the farmer's market (with ingredient labels on them...they don't have labels when you buy them inside the bakery). And they contain whey. Stupid, pointless whey.