Monday, September 1, 2008

C.W. Tiffins

Lunch today was at C.W. Tiffins in Charlestown, West Virginia

Open since April, the restaurant is in a restored historic building.

We sat 'outside' in the enclosed patio addition.
Service was very friendly and accomodating.
They had a limited menu for the Labor Day
holiday, and the Veggie Burger wasn't on it.
Our server was sweet enough to ask the chef
if they could make an exception for me and
they did.

The Veggie Burger was served on Pretzel Bread with
homemade chips. Even though I specified no cheese
and no mayo on my burger, they grated parmesan cheese
on my chips. Oh well, it didn't melt so the cheese was easy
enough to shake off.

Every component of this dish was high quality.
Gorgeous ripe tomatoes, warm soft pretzel
bread, perfectly cooked chips and a very tasty
burger. A store bought previously frozen burger,
possibly Gardenburger, but still delicious.

My only concern from viewing this picture is
where those grill marks came from. I didn't
notice them at the time I ate the sandwich.
Oh well. Whatever was on the grill before my
order must've surely been burned off before
my food hit it.

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