Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fresh City

A new franchise is now open in Herndon: Fresh City.
I ordered online tdoay: The 'Organic Hummus and Veggie
Sandwich' (Organic Hummus, Tomatoes, Cucumbers,
Suntan Peppers (huh?) , Red Onion and Aged Cheddar on
Multi-Grain Bread) as well as a cup of 'Organic Carrot
Broccoli Soup' (a delicious blend of Fresh Organic Carrots and
Broccoli in a vegetable stock seasoned with fresh herbs).
In my order I specified: NO CHEESE! and on my invoice
it said 'NO CHEESE'. Of course, when I got back to my
desk, there was a bunch of cheese all over my sandwich.
I was able to scrape a lot of it off (it was stuck to the hummus)
and it all turned out okay. I'll probably go back again.

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