Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stone Soup Bistro

Today we had lunch at Stone Soup Bistro in the quaint college town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

We came because I saw that they have a Vegan Reuben on the menu. I've never had one before so off we went. We started with an appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes which was phenomenal. The best fried green tomatoes I've ever had (I've had them about five times) topped with fresh avocado.

The Vegan Reuben came with Vegan Potato Salad -- composed of both sweet and white potatoes, raisins, in a light vinegar dressing. It was unusual but tasty. Being that this was my first Reuben, vegan or otherwise, I didn't know what to expect. I can't say that I'd rush back for this item, although I did eat half before the below poor pic was taken.

Mr. SV had the Falafel which he said was great.

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Jenny said...

I thought your first ever blog post deserved a comment! We're all glad you decided to venture into the world of vegan blogging.